Our upcoming digitisations

Upcoming digitisations

At present, Agate counts 8 collections comprising 514 monographs, almost 11,500 historical photographs and 7 journals.

The next digitisations that will join our collections will be:

  • monographs on bees (19th and 20th century);
  • monographs, photo albums and photographic prints on the "restoration of mountain land" as well as the digitised image collections of the Archives Nationales on the departments of Isère and Haute Savoie (19th and 20th centuries);
  • Two photo albums documenting tests of agricultural machinery carried out by the agricultural machinery test station, photographic prints relating to these tests and books written by Max Ringelmann (19th and 20th centuries);
  • monographs on fruit growing and forestry (19th and 20th century);
  • painted plates (between 1930 and 1960) illustrating plant diseases;
  • monographs on economics and rural law (19th and 20th century);
  • three journals produced by Inra and INRAE contributed by the History Committee as well as a series of reports or documents published by Inra, serving as material for writing the history of the institute.


A few preview images

Abeille surprise


Typologie de ruchers


Couverture ouvrage Etat des forêts en France


Couverture Pratique du génie rural


SEMA, outil de mesure créé par M. Ringelmann


SEMA, essais de tracteurs années 20


Tairraz, baraque des grands mulets


Planche barrage du torrent de Boscodon, cours de M. Bernard