Mountain land restoration - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

The map provides access to the geolocated pictures of this collection, with a navigation by municipality. For each municipality, you will find all the photographs taken in that particular area.

It is a selection of photographs taken in the department that is presented here. The Archives Nationales hold "merely" 1,805 photographs from a much larger collection held by the departmental archives of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (formerly the Basses-Alpes department).

The collection is organised by forest conservation area around a river, a stream or main torrent, defined by the forest services, and then by series (equivalent to a municipality, a forest or a secondary branch of the main torrent) in alphabetical order within an area.

The title of the photograph generally contains a full description of the view.

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  • Mountainous area

    An exceptional collection of photographs

    The photographs presented here are the result of a close collaboration between our services and those of the Archives Nationales, which preserve part of the historical photographic record of the mountain land restoration (RTM) service.

  • Torrent
    Mountainous area

    Photographing the same subject over time

    The mountain land restoration services (RTM in french) are responsible for using photography to monitor and measure the success or failure of their reforestation programmes, documented with pairs of photos taken seven, ten or fifteen years apart.