History Committee Collection

The historical resource centre of INRAE/CIRAD Committee for the History of Agriculture, Food and Environment has provided access to publications on the history of public research on agriculture, food and the environment since the Second World War.

The documentary collection proposed by the founding institutes of INRAE, Inra and Irstea, is unique and exceptional, and is continually enriched by the History Committee. This Committee has recognised expertise in historical research, acknowledged and legitimised most notably by the publication of reference works.

The collection offers the curious, amateurs and researchers original documents and photographs to inform and educate on various aspects of the life of these two public scientific research institutes: for example, institutional, scientific, political and media life.

An integral part of the Institute's heritage, these books and reports, photos and illustrations, most of which unknown or forgotten, are also remarkable historical resources and milestones for tracing the history of INRAE. Gathered by theme, contributions from historians shed light on the subject, outlining new research projects or referring to publications available on the website of the History Committee.


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  • Les dirigeants de l’Inra accueillis à l’Institut de biologie et de pathologie de la reproduction, à Sofia (Bulgarie) en juin 1967.

    At the service of agriculture: photography in the INRA Bulletin

    INRA's Bulletin was published from 1962 to 1978, as part of the National Institute for Agricultural Research's internal communication. Photography appeared in the magazine in 1965, showing the people, places and research of the institute, which was mandated to bring progress to agriculture.